The Landlord, the Tenant and the Insurance: A Real-Life Warning

For landlords, having the right insurance coverage is not just a box to tick. It’s an essential safeguard for your investments.  But simply having insurance is not enough; understanding the policy’s specific requirements and declaring everything accurately is crucial.  In the following cautionary tale, we’ll explore a real-life incident involving a landlord who learned this […]

Trustworthy Tradespeople: A Landlord’s Guide to Stress-Free Property Maintenance

It’s up there with late rents, messy tenants and broken boilers on a landlord’s Headache-ometer.What are we talking about?Finding (and keeping) tradespeople you can trust to look after any property maintenance or issueslandlords need to get sorted.In this article, we share five tried, tested and trustworthy tips on how to find the very best andswerve […]

Why It Could Be Better to Rent Out Your Property Rather Than Sell

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a financial position where you can rent out your home instead of selling it, should you take the leap?  After all, if you don’t need to sell to fund your next move, renting your property is an option worth exploring. Here, we explore the dilemma of renting out […]

Changes to EPC Targets – What it means for landlords

Over the last few years, landlords have faced many changes. Tax reforms, rental reforms and energy efficiency measures have meant renting out properties is more complex (and expensive) than ever. But with changes to Government plans just announced, is good news on the horizon? Last week, controversial (and costly plans) for improved EPC targets by […]

How to Make Your Rental a Pet Haven 

If you’re a landlord looking to attract long-term tenants, it’s worth thinking about ways to make your investment property as appealing as possible.  And one area you may have overlooked is the army of British pet owners who need a rental property, and want to make their furry friends as comfy as possible.  Unfortunately, over […]

Gas Safety Week – 11th -17th September 2023

It is the time of year again when thoughts may turn to heating our homes and a timely reminder comes with Gas Safety Week, on how to stay safe with any gas appliances. In its 13th year this national campaign, goes across the whole industry with the one common goal of keeping the nation gas […]

What Should Landlords Be Buying to Maximise Profits?

Whether you’re an established landlord or a first-time investor, you’ll probably be thinking about what to buy: a ready-to-go rental or a doer-upper. Which one should you pick?  Currently, lots of changes are being made around rental rules, and reports claim that many landlords are selling up. However, there are still plenty of investors making […]

Preparing for the end of a tenancy

As a landlord, one of your main goals is to make sure your property is tenanted. As soon as the old tenants decide they’re moving on, it’s time to find new renters to move in.  But while you’ll be keen for a quick turnaround, it’s also important that things are done properly (cutting corners will […]

Dangers of a DIY Tenancy Agreement: What Landlords Need to Know

Type ‘tenancy agreement’ into Google and you’ll get thousands of results offering free online templates and guides to writing your own rental contract. So why bother using a letting agent to sort out the tenancy agreement if you can do it yourself? What could possibly go wrong? Well, quite a lot. Hastily downloading a template […]

Summer Checklist for Tenants

At last summer is here, so what are your plans? Have you booked an exciting getaway? Or is the aim to kick back and relax on home turf? Whatever you’ve lined up, it’s worth taking note of the common concerns that can crop up in rented accommodation during the summer. If there’s a garden at […]