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Suffolk – a great place to invest in

From Robert Ulph on May 27, 2016

A major national Sunday newspaper recently reported that East Anglia could be the best place in Britain to buy property. This is great news and for those of us who live in Suffolk, we know already all the boxes that get ticked by living in this county. With the beautiful coastline, the lovely countryside, chocolate box villages and thriving market towns it is easy for me to say that Suffolk is an attractive place to live.

I always think it is a great sign of an area when people return to it and people seem to do that in their droves to Suffolk. I know of so many people who grow up and go to school in Suffolk, then may move on to study or work elsewhere but an incredible number return at a later stage of their life and this speaks volumes. Suffolk is a great place to bring up a family and many people return here for the quality of life they can get, while still in easy reach of London, Cambridge or beyond to the Midlands.

Felixstowe, too, continues to be a major factor in Suffolk’s commercial success and I had an interesting tour around the port recently. It is the first port in the UK that is able to take in the mega container vessels and as one of the biggest and busiest ports in the world contributes hugely to the local economy. Another key attraction to those relocating.

The rail link into London Liverpool Street from Ipswich means travel of just over an hour into the capital and with the right investment to improve the travel times and a general improvement to the rail service, I can only see this area getting more attractive to the London commuter. Couple this with the shift that has taken place generally, in being able to work from home much more easily thanks to better, more powerful mobile technology and the networks that support it and Suffolk as a commuter belt has great attraction.

It’s obviously not just those moving out of London who Suffolk appeals to, but with the rising cost of property in the city, this obviously means those relocating can buy bigger properties in the county and often have money for an investment property too. I often hear from these investors that they can’t believe how reasonable properties are here, even with the continued price increases we’ve seen. In some ways Suffolk, and especially Ipswich, has missed out previously when prices elsewhere in the country have rocketed and I think that is now a thing of the past. I am not surprised to see that Savills five-year forecast predicts a 21% increase in house prices for the East of England.

Ipswich continues to develop, with the Waterfront area becoming such an asset to the town, restaurants and hotels packed every night and the University going from strength to strength. So, whether it is the rural life or something more cosmopolitan with a wide range of leisure, arts and other entertainment Suffolk has something to offer everybody.
It is interesting to see, also, that parents and grandparents are following their families and are settling in Suffolk in their later years too, with the pace of life and quality of living they are looking for. They may be looking at downsizing and again potentially have cash to invest.

As properties become less and less affordable in London and surrounding areas, buyers at all stages on the property ladder will inevitably look to move further out and this will of course drive up property values and for those investing the rents in the area which will provide better capital returns. As I have reported before if you are thinking of investing in property now is the time to do so as there are still good deals to be had, with the right local knowledge.