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250 town halls so far pledge to freeze Council Tax this year

From Property Talk Live on March 19, 2014

New figures show 251 councils have so far signed up to offer of additional central government funding to help freeze Council Tax this year.

Since 2010, the government has worked with local authorities to reduce the cost of living by freezing Council Tax, cutting average bills in England by 10% in real terms. This compares to a period between 1997 and 2010, when council tax more than doubled.

The government has provided total freeze funding for an unprecedented 5 years of Council Tax freezes worth potentially up to £1,100 for an average Band D taxpayer over the lifetime of this Parliament.

Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles said:

“These latest figures show a continued take-up of the government’s council tax freeze offer. This government has worked with councils to freeze council tax over the last three years cutting bills by more than ten per cent in real terms, giving families greater financial security.”

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Source: Property Talk Live