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CIH: Obstacles to Northern Ireland housing supply must be removed

From Property Talk Live on February 20, 2014

Commenting on the latest Northern Ireland Housing Statistics 2012-2013, Josie Twinning, interim director at the Chartered Institute of Housing in Northern Ireland, said: “The latest figures confirm that completions of new homes are continuing to increase in the private sector.

“However, starts only rose by two per cent in 2012-13 which is not enough to keep up with demand and means home ownership will remain unaffordable for many people, especially young people trying to get on the property ladder.   We must look at how we can remove the obstacles that stand in the way of building more homes – if demand continues to outstrip supply prices will remain high, excluding whole groups of people from home ownership, sometimes permanently.

“The delivery of social homes remains buoyant, but we desperately need more homes in this sector to house the vulnerable groups who are practically excluded from allocations due to demand greatly outstripping supply.”

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Source: Property Talk Live