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Room for manoeuvre on timing of right to buy abolition

From Property Talk Live on January 27, 2014

Tenants should not need as much as three years’ notice of the abolition of the right to buy, CIH Scotland is arguing.

CIH Scotland and housing bodies recently appeared before Holyrood’s Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee to give evidence on the Housing Bill. CIH said it warmly welcomes the ending of the right to buy but believes a shorter period will still provide tenants with sufficient time to plan ahead.

David Bookbinder, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at CIH Scotland, said:

“We recognise that when an existing right is to be withdrawn, there has to be a reasonable notice period: that’s not only good practice but also helps address any potential human rights implications. But we don’t think that a summer 2017 date is necessary.

“A shorter period such as two years will help landlords plan ahead with greater certainty whilst still giving ample time for tenants to consider their options and progress a purchase if that’s what they choose to do.”

CIH Scotland’s submission to the Committee gives a broad welcome to changes affecting social sector allocations and tenancies, whilst warning that the majority of serious anti social behaviour cases will continue to be difficult to resolve quickly and effectively.

The submission also welcomes changes affecting the private rented sector, mobile home sites and council powers relating to tenement owners.

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Source: Property Talk Live