Winter-proofing your rental property 

Despite the sunny, mild weather we have been enjoying recently it is important to plan for the coming colder months and preparing your rental property is key in dealing with any maintenance issues that could cause problems and lead to costly repairs.  There are some checks your tenants can do themselves, but there are others […]

To furnish or not to furnish

I am often asked by landlords and prospective landlords about whether it is best to furnish a rental property or to leave it unfurnished and it is an interesting question.  Over the past 12 months there has been an increase in those looking for furnished properties with ‘furnished’ rental searches rising by 19%, compared to […]

Is no Section 21 such a bad thing?

There has been quite a bit of scaremongering in some media coverage on the Government’s plans to remove Section 21 notices, as part of the wider Renters Reform Bill currently being debated. Phrases such as ‘abolishing section 21’ uses pretty emotive language and I can understand why it is causing concern with private landlords. My […]

Moving away from short term lets

Just a year ago I was writing about concern in the industry that very short-term lets, such as those with Airbnb, had potential to draw private landlords away from the rented sector with the potential of quick profits, following the increase in staycation breaks. Now I am seeing more and more pieces about the move […]