• Buy to Let investments deliver a great long-term investment income return year after year
  • Well maintained Buy to Let investments continue to enjoy exceptional long term capital growth
  • Professionally Managing properties for landlords by ARLA qualified property management team to ensure our landlords maximise their investment return

Successful landlords have benefitted hugely from investing in Buy to Let properties and this trend is most definitely set to continue with unprecedented Tenant demand for private rented sector housing – we urgently need more properties to meet this demand.

The key to successful long-term investment in residential property is making certain the investment is well looked after with regular inspections and we take pride in developing great working relationships with the tenants to keep the property well maintained and ensure it is safe and compliant with the law.

Example of a detailed Pennington Inventory that protects our landlords when tenants move out and keeps a fair record of the condition of the property from the start of the tenancy.

Example of a regular Pennington inspection report for landlords that ensure tenants are looking after the house and opportunity to record any repairs and maintenance

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Happy tenants will stay for longer look after the place better ensure the rent is paid on time and make it their home.

Some landlords don’t have the time to be hands on and need us to fully manage their properties and trust our highly experienced property managers to ensure all is well maintained and deal with all tenant issues.

Pennington work with our landlords to tailor our services to meet our customer’s needs – some landlords like to take a hands on approach and just need a bit of support here and there, finding tenants helping make sure they are compliant with the recent changes in the law and providing advice and assistance as required.

This is why we have developed Pennington Pick & Mix Services, which means exactly that, you can mix and pick the services available to tailor to your needs.

Our lettings business is led by Robert Ulph who has worked in the industry for the last 30 years his passion and knowledge for all matters related to residential property investment and management is exceptional he is truly an expert in his field and his enthusiasm clearly runs through the rest of his team.

Robert is a Board member of ARLA Propertymark which Pennington have been part of for many years – we believe our industry should be regulated and we need to show that our Landlords and Tenants are protected, we have to comply with a rigorous code of conduct set by ARLA Propertymark with regular auditing to ensure there are no financial irregularities and a requirement for all our staff to be suitably trained and qualified.

Many letting agents do not sign up to meet the exacting standards set by ARLA Propertymark – if Letting Agents don’t subscribe to a code of conduct, how can a landlords be certain that they personally and their property are not at risk both financially and compliant with the current legislation?  

If you would like more information and advice please call Robert 01473 214343 or send him a message – he’d be delighted to talk to see if he can help.