Trustworthy Tradespeople: A Landlord’s Guide to Stress-Free Property Maintenance

It’s up there with late rents, messy tenants and broken boilers on a landlord’s Headache-ometer.
What are we talking about?
Finding (and keeping) tradespeople you can trust to look after any property maintenance or issues
landlords need to get sorted.
In this article, we share five tried, tested and trustworthy tips on how to find the very best and
swerve the unreliable rest.
Tip #1: Know your needs
Understanding what you require is the first step. Is it a leaky tap or a major renovation? Assessing
the job’s complexity will help you choose between a handyperson and a specialist.
Tip #2: Do your research – thoroughly
Don’t just rely on a quick Google search. Seek recommendations from friends, family and local
letting agents. Check online reviews, professional accreditations and trade associations to gauge
You can learn a lot about them from an initial telephone call. Were they polite? Did they sound
organised and professional? If they promised to call you back, did they do so within an acceptable
Tip #3: Remember the Three Quote Rule
If it’s a big job (over £150), get at least three quotes to compare prices, but don’t be swayed by the
cheapest offer. Assess what’s included. Is what you’re going to be paying for clearly detailed? Does it
include the quality of any materials required and the projected timeline? Cheap often doesn’t leave
you cheerful – especially when employing skilled tradespeople.
Tip #4: Verify insurance and guarantees
Ensure any tradesperson you employ has the proper insurance and ask about guarantees. This
shields you from potential liabilities and assures you of quality work. Guarantees and warranties can
provide that extra peace of mind – ensure you have them in writing.
Tip #5: Consider a fully managed service
If you want to save time and eliminate stress, consider a fully managed service like ours. We have
created a network of trusted tradespeople and vetted professionals we’ve worked with over the
years. We can arrange everything for you, no problem.

And finally…
Finding the right tradespeople is no small task, but these five tips can guide you towards trustworthy
From understanding your needs to verifying credentials, each step ensures quality and reliability.
Think of it as a checklist.
And remember, for hassle-free solutions, our fully managed service is here to help.
It’s all about creating a win-win situation – well-kept properties, happy tenants and contented
To find out more about our services, contact us today.
If you’re a landlord and need advice or have a property to rent, call us at Pennington, we’re here to

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