What tenants want in a rental property

The pandemic changed a lot about the way we live and while all signs look like we are coming through it, it has also changed a lot about what many of us are looking for, especially when it comes to our homes.

With an extraordinary amount of time being spent at home – with lockdowns, home schooling and changes to working – many people have had a re-evaluation of what is important and what not so, and this has also been seen in the rental market with what tenants are looking for more and more.

For many, this has meant looking for a complete change of lifestyle and for some moving away from city life and so places like Suffolk have been viewed as a very desirable permanent move.

Even with working from home guidance being relaxed recently, ‘hybrid working’ – with some time spent in the office and some time working from home – will quite possibly be the norm for many. This means important factors around how we will be working going forward and the increased acceptance of working remotely and ability to work from home, means more space is sought and again Suffolk has great attraction.

An allocated study – or a spare room that can be set up as one – are increasingly on the ‘must-have’ list for a lot of potential tenants and they are prepared to spend time looking for that. Previously – and especially younger tenants may have been keen to keep rent as low as possible by looking at house shares and studio flats or one-bedroomed apartments at the lower end of the rental market. Now, extra space is becoming more desirable, and some tenants are prepared to relocate or spend more on rent in the same area to achieve that.

Outdoor space or access to it also became more important during the pandemic and again Suffolk ticks lots of boxes for those looking to relocate. Locally we have appreciated the access to beautiful countryside and coastline or making use of the wonderful parks and open spaces we have in our towns. This has meant that exercise and enjoyment of the outdoors has been possible. 

Suffolk has always been a great place for families too and it is interesting to see the longer-term affect the pandemic will have on family living. Suffolk has always drawn different generations; whether it is younger families where one parent originally came from the area, looking to move back to settle here and be nearer parents. And we are also seeing parents and grandparents looking to move to be closer to their young families and settling in Suffolk in their later years as they see the appeal with the quality of living, they are looking for.  

If you have any changes coming up or are looking at investing in rental property, as always please do not hesitate to contact me as I am happy to help with any advice.