What Landlords Need to Know about Making Tax Digital

Did you know that HMRC plans to introduce new rules on how landlords file their tax returns? Here’s an update on what these changes involve and a timeline for when they’ll come into force. Making Tax Digital (MTD) is an initiative designed to streamline the tax system by fully digitising it. As MTD has been […]

Managing and Reducing Void Periods

Owning a rental property isn’t just about what happens while tenants are in place; effectively managing periods when your property is unoccupied is equally important. Every landlord faces void periods as a natural part of property letting, making it essential to prepare financially and strategically to manage its impact. Void periods mean not only the […]

Mistakes Landlords Need to Avoid when Letting their Property

Being a landlord is rewarding, but it comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. Over the years, we’ve seen and helped solve most of the mistakes landlords can make. To help you navigate this complex terrain, here are the five most common mistakes we’ve encountered and how to avoid them, ensuring a more […]

Unlocking the rental potential from empty homes

From 1st April, empty homes in England will be subject to an additional premium of 100% council tax as part of tax reforms aiming to bring properties back into use. The latest data from Action on Empty Homes for 2023, reports that over 260,000 homes across England are deemed to be long term empty properties. […]

Meet the Guppies: What Landlords Need to Know about This Key Demographic

If you’re wondering what Guppies are and what they’ve got to do with the property sector, let us explain. The term ‘Guppies’ refers to tenants in the 18 – 39 age bracket who see themselves staying in the rental market for the long term. The nickname comes from the phrase ‘Given Up on Property’ because […]

Seven Simple Steps for Tenants to Combat Mould and Condensation

Condensation is common in UK homes, but you can take some simple steps to combat it before it becomes a problem. We’ve come up with seven quick fixes that can dramatically reduce the risk of condensation, ensuring your home stays fresh and clean. Adopting these simple measures can play a crucial role in maintaining a […]

Home Improvement Scam Alert for Householders

Property owners are being warned to be on their guard amid a rise in the number of green home improvement scams across the country. Many local authorities and Propertymark, the trade body for letting and estate agents, have warned that people are being duped by rogue traders exploiting anxiety about high energy prices and confusion […]

Five Inspection Tips Every Landlord Needs to Know

Maintaining a rental property isn’t just about collecting rent; it’s about safeguarding your investment and keeping your tenants happy and safe. That’s why regular property inspections are so crucial. They help you spot potential issues before they become costly repairs and ensure your property remains a place people are proud to call their home. Here’s […]

No-Nonsense Advice for Renovating Your Rental Property

Planning to renovate your rental? There’s one thing you should know before you start pulling up carpets or ripping out cabinets. It will help you avoid a costly and avoidable mistake that many landlords make, and it’s this. Don’t let your emotions cloud your decision-making. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many landlords […]

Interior Design Trends You Can Expect to See This Year 

Is your home ripe for a refresh? Are you itching to ditch dated décor and breathe new life into your property?  If so, take inspiration from these top interior design trends. Texture  Don’t just think about how your home looks; consider how it feels. Bobbly cushions, plush rugs and fluffy throws help create a cosy atmosphere. Bouclé, […]